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1.Keep Your key Card in sight.
2.Enter Your Product Key, 5 digits in each box.
3.Click Next

Follow The Instructions below :

Guide For Office Installation

Do you want to get you MicrosoftOffice setup 365  , Office setup 2016, Office setup 2013 or Office setup 2010 Product. Just follow the link. Click and the product will be downloaded automatically. Start the installation Enter your details along with the product key (25 digits) and Get Started away.

The process to get your Office com product is way too easy. Just follow these easy steps to get office setup download and MS office setup installations. The thing you will need is a Microsoft account, Sign In or Signup. Once you are signed in you will need to have a valid 25 digit code for Microsoft Office download and then you will have to visit www office com setup or www.office.com/setup . If you do not have enough information about all these technological things don’t worry. Just call us and we will help you with the Microsoft Ofice Installation and Download

Help for Ms Office products with Install and downloading right away

This is the Step by Step process, if you are unable to understand or still don’t get through this let us know and we will help you definitely.

If you are na new MS office setup user and have a key and don’t know how to use it. You will only need a few things to go along with the Installation Of MS Office product 365 or 2016. You will only need to open www.office.com/setup in your internet web browser (Google chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer). For all other procedure and help with further MS office setup 365 or MS office setup 2016 see the instruction below and you will be guided easily through the procedure.

Proceeding with MS Office2016 or MS Office365Setup online:
1.First and the foremost of the things you will need is a Microsoft account or a Microsoft E-mail which usually ends with href="mailto:xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com , xxxxxxxxx@outlook.com , xxxxxxxxxxxx@live.com , or in second thoughts if you don’t have an email or an account in these emails you can get one for you easily at this step by just clicking Sign up and the same credentials or the same E-mail or the same details will be used for your Microsoft Office account or www.office.com/myaccount. If you do not have a key, you can buy one online from online stores ,or from best buy or from Staples store.

2. Once your are done with getting hold of a Microsoft account and have created one successfully all you need is a key and if you have the key you are good to proceed with the step 3

3. Now you have logged in to your account, and also you have entered the 25 digit product key separated with spaces after every 5 digits either you will do it or the Browser will do it on its own automatically.

4. Now after the Key is Entered properly in their own respective places, you will have a notice down there if you want the auto renewal option only if the key for MS Office setup 365 MS Office setup 2016 is valid in case it is not a valid key you will have to double check they or get a different key.
5. After the 25 digit key code entering you will have to choose a preferred language in the drop down menu in which you want to get your MS Office setup 365 or MS Office setup 2016 or MS office setup 2013 or Ms Office setup 2010 installed.

5. Now this point is where you will have to choose if you want to keep it on auto renewal in case of MS Office setup 365 as it is a yearly based plan with cloud storage which you can carry anywhere with you wherever you have an internet connection you will have all of your documents and files and documents there intact.
6. Once you have decided to go with auto renewal check mark the box or uncheck according to your needs and click on the orange box down at the bottom which says install,

7. By clicking install you will have to agree with the Terms and Conditions laid down by the installation.
8. By default the Version of MS Office will be 32bit using the language you selected while redeeming the key at step 3 if you want to have a different version of MS Office setup 2016 or MS Office setup 365 go in www.office.com/myaccount and you will have the option to choose from different bit versions.

9.Once you click install , In internet explorer you will have a pop-up down at the bottom asking for RUN , SAVE or CANCEL , click on RUN and grant it all the permissions which are needed for the installation, in case if you are in google chrome you will have a download by the name of installer32.exe or installer64.exe  double click on it and allow the program all the necessary permissions to run the program MS Office setup 365 or MS Office setup 2016.

10.  After this the downloading of files for setting up all the package or suit will take place usually the package or the MS Office setup contains MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS POWERPOINT, MS ONE NOTE, MS OUTLOOK, MS PUBLISHER.

11. Once the red bar is completed the files are now completely downloaded on your computer and you will have the option to see demo or click finish if you are familiar with the usage of MS Office365 or MS Office 2016.

Evolution Of Software Applications(Microsoft Office)

Computers were made in the Late 1800 century, which started from the Chinese toy Abacus, then came the Generations of the computer. The First-Generation Computers were mainly Mechanical and consumed a Lot of Electricity produced heat were very costly to build and the main component was Vacuum Tube. Then Came the second generation using less electricity and producing less heat with Transistor as main component.3rd generation computer was smaller and used IC’s integrated circuits having a thousand-embedded transistor on each of them. By the End of 20th century computers were much smaller cheaper and handy to use. In the early 21st century computers were in every field and every computer was connected to internet. Computer was still electronic and the Soul of the computer was provided by only few companies known as Operating System which made the hardware understand the human instructions. The Operating systems were made by Apple Microsoft IBM and Unix only. Though there were major differences in using and understanding them it was still usable. Microsoft was only making Operating System that time and charged for the services then with time it made tie-ups with major electronic companies like DELL, Intel, Lenovo, HP to deliver their mechanical and electronic hardware the soul or operating system. Apple in the other way made devices and operating system both and did not tie up with any company and did not provide any of them their rights to use their Operating system.
Unix was a free to use but was not having any support or service as it was a free source code and anyone could give a suggestion and use it.
Microsoft had some inbuilt apps like Paint WordPad Notepad and some games like Solitaire Chess etcThese were not chargeable but with due time more ease was needed more features were needed. We did not only need to type or calculate we needed to make graphics in with text we needed to save data, we needed to make sheets create presentations in a beautiful manner.
Then Microsoft came up with a package which consisted of all these needful things and Named the package as Microsoft Office 2003 this package in the Beginning contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and with due time it evolved into a very big package. The Microsoft Office 2003 was updated to Microsoft Office 2007 which had One Note and Outlook into it and both were charged at a Flat and one-time rate. Gradually with time more features were needed and it was updated to Microsoft Office 2010 which people could pay once or could pay annually for the services along with the previous features one more thing was added which was cloud storage which you could use to store data and access from anywhere. Then came Microsoft Office-2013 and included outlook and Publisher very important for business personnel. And Finally, until right now we have Microsoft Office-2016 and Microsoft Office-365 for the moment which is a giant if considered with its functions ease feasibility and things it can do. We can purchase additional cloud storage if we need more than 1 tera byte of data. It might seem a lot but usually people don’t use that much but sometimes companies and large organisation use this kind of space to store information. Microsoft Office Comes with various Versions in both Office365 and Microsoft Office-2016 which are Microsoft Basic, Microsoft Home and Student, Microsoft Professional, Microsoft Business Pro and Ultimate. You can chose anyone of them and can go to Microsoft Office website to download it or if you have an account already got you will have to use an already signed account or create a new one to get Microsoft Office Downloaded on your system. Once you have signed in or logged into your account you will have to insert your key which is 25 digits in the form of 5 digits each and a space after them. Once everything goes fine you will get a file downloaded from office.com/setup which will be an office.exe or microsoftOffice365.exe file and you will have to double click and allow it the permissions. Once the Microsoft Office Setup is complete with the version you opted from.


Some Features Must talk we should about Ms WORD:

  1. In your latest MS Office 365 you get  updates daily and on monthly basis  this is only exclusively for Office365 buyers and customers
  2. With Office 365 you always have the version latest of the apps as they are once available in the market.- there is almost no need to get new for new prices. You subscription for a year has you covered for all the time and for all the updates. It gives you a confidence of being updated with the world level all the time and the best of Office tools available making you getting things done in a  better way and efficiently
  1. This time you have PowerPoint in a new creative and more blended way with Designer, Morph and Zoom: Get more out of your Ms Office PowerPoint_ with latest designs in market of your business Designer Morph and interactive zoom capabilities in navigational . These latest and advanced features make you a pro and that’s who you present your ideas with confidence and intellect and beautiful minds.
  2.  Make the best choice of right impression with Grade Professional automated level design recommendations within a couple of seconds. Drop image, choose a best design that suits you, that’s it  . the simplicity is amazing
  3. Morph: That’s the thing every photo shopper was waiting for , adding fluidic motion needed to be done very professionally in a professional Adobe Package of Photoshop now do that with little or almost NO Effort move the objects you want the way to move and behave and click Morph.
  4.  Want to be closer to the audience want to be more creative imaginative professional in your presentations captivate them with this feature. Zoom in and Out of the sections of any slides you have in front and behave like the confidence in sworn in you. All audience to your side and the competition is gone.

 Excel Features:

  1. Instant inking: Streamline editing  , you have a document and want to high light No Problem pick your pen instantly note and highlight text
  2. Use ink intently to get documents directly in word use Ink Editor Feature of MS Excel. Strike through Get them bold get them Thin change the styles as much you want without losing the ink editor tool
  3. Math Assistant with OneNote Ink: Now make an equation and excel does the rest in the latest version of Ms Excel 2016 Ms excel365
  4. Execl worksheets are getting better & responsive with every update check out new version of office and try to install versions of office


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Disclaimer: www.officesetup-com.com is an independent support provider on On-Demand Technical Services For Ms products. Use Of Ms Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that www.officesetup-com.com has any business association with Ms. Ms trademarks,Names,logo and Images are the property of their respective owners, www.officesetup-com.com disclaims any ownership in such conditions.

NOTE: While installing your Ms Office365 may be you can see the message like, Stop, you should wait to install Office com 2016. That means the installation process has found compatibility issue with something else installed on your PC. In that case feel free to contact our support via live chat online and will love to answer all you questions.

If you want to download or Activate the Office setup product Just Click On the link & your File Will be Download Directly If the platform for the Installation is Complete.If you still need any kind of help for any problem.     Call Us: 855-811-4808

Activate your Office Setup with the help of 25 digits product key by Clicking on the button above and setup will start downloading automatically.

set up

1.Popup with Install Option will Appear On screen.
2.You Can also Install previous versions if needed.
3.Click Install
com setup

1.If you have multiple device key, See you Status.
2.You Can also use Cloud Storage OneDrive
3.Click Install
1.Congratulations Office is Installing on your Devices.
2.Open And Enjoy the features Of Office

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